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At around thirteen minutes ferdinand kingsley, son of sir ben kingsley. He has garnered numerous awards and nominations, including a grammy award, two golden globe awards, a screen actors guild award, a bafta award, and an academy award from four nominations. Imprisoned on the islandfortress of capri, romulus searches for a means of escape. Merlin is also known as ambrosius according to legend, which makes the twist about ambrosinus pretty obvious if you know that. The ninth legion is depicted wielding gladius, short swords, lorica segmentatas and scarlet cloaks which the roman army did not wear by that period. The last legion is, once again, a different take on the tale and an enjoyable one at that, adding a lot more roman lore into the story than others i have watched, and with a few twists of its own. The last legion is directed by doug lefler, and stars aishwarya rai bachchan, ben kingsley and colin firth. It is based on the 2002 novel of the same name by valerio massimo manfredi. Born krishna bhanji on 31st december, 1943 in snainton, scarborough, north riding of yorkshire, england, united kingdom, he is. As the roman empire crumbles, young romulus augustus flees the city and embarks on a perilous voyage to britain to track down a legion of supporters. Ferdinand kingsley played rosencrantz in the national theatres production of hamlet, between 2010 and 2011 for which he received a commendation at the 2010 ian charleson awards, and phaeax in welcome to thebes. Bluray the last legion colin firth, ben kingsley, aishwarya rai. He is known for starring as mohandas gandhi in the film gandhi in 1982, for which he won the academy award for best actor.

Kingsley s mother, anna lyna mary goodman bhanji, was an english fashion model and actress. Ben kingsley biography 2017 facts, childhood, wiki. Ferdinand steps from his fathers shadow to play god yorkmix. Based on the novel, this is a clever king arthur prequel, but the quality is similar to the librarian and richard chamberlains allan quartermain. Sir ben kingsley, cbe born 31 december 1943, born krishna pandit bhanji, is a british actor. Forces loyal to the empire were destroyed and the emperor romulus augustus, a child at the age of, was arrested, deposed, and exiled to the island of capri. His greatgrandfather was an extremely successful spice trader who had moved from india to zanzibar, where his grandfather lived until. He has won an oscar, a grammy, a bafta, two golden globes, and a screen actors guild award. The book was the focus of a court case over its exclusion from the new york times best seller list blatty based aspects of the gemini killer on the real life zodiac killer, who, in a january. Ben kingsley born december 31, 1943, british actor.

With colin firth, ben kingsley, aishwarya rai bachchan, peter mullan. As the most recent in a long line of caesars, a young roman child, romulus thomas sangster, is poised to inherit the throne until germanic forces invade. Ben kingsley as ambrosinusmerlin, kevin mckidd as wulfila, john hannah as nestor, ian glen as orestes, nonso anozie as batiatus, owen teale as vatrenus, robert pugh as kustenin and ferdinand kingsley as young ambrosinus genius bonus. The most important book totv adaptations coming in 2020. The formidable thirteenth has been ordered to push beyond the boundaries of the empire, through hostile territory, to find the remnants of the legion of crassus routed by the parthians in 53 b. There, the men will regroup with the ninth legion and plan one final triumphant. This was an enjoyable book, moved along at a good pace with a small cast of interesting characters. Schindlers list, lucky number slevin, and iron man 3 are among the major projects kingsley. Along with byzantine warrior mira, they set out on a trek for britannia in search of the lost legion. Starring colin firth, ben kingsley, aishwarya rai, peter mullan, rupert friend, thomas sangster. Of the three recent films about the ninth legion in britain that mysteriously disappeared in the second century, the last legion 2007 was the film i was most interested in watching because it took place just prior to the time of king arthur and was said to provide a link to the arthurian legend. Manfredis the last legion has a pretty solid story in broad strokes it paints a picture of the very last days of the western roman empire, the kidnapping of the last emperor romulus agustus, and his rescue.

Ferdinand kingsley timeline featuring movies and other. Filled with myth, legend and gladiators, the last legion was made into a film starring colin firth and ben kingsley and directed by doug lefler. Based on the novel by valerio manfredi, this is a swordandsandal epic that. Meanwhile, in dertona, where stands the castrum of the last legion, the nova invicta, the battle rages against. Colin firth as aurelius thomas brodiesangster as romulus augustulus pendragon ben kingsley as ambrosinus merlin aishwarya rai as mira peter mullan as odoacer kevin mckidd as wulfila john hannah as nestor owen teale as vatrenus rupert friend as demetrius nonso anozie as batiatus harry van gorkum. The series is produced by shonda rhimess shondaland and abc studios, and aired on abc during the 201617 television season. Manchester grammar school oscar for best actor 1983 for gandhi golden globe 1983 for gandhi knighthood 2001 queens new years eve honours list. The last emperor of rome, 12yearold romulus augustus, is imprisoned on the island of capri. Ferdinand kingsley videos and video clips tv guide. He is also known for his performances in the films schindlers list 1993, prince of. The last legion ambrosinus merlin 2007 jackanory 2006 the sopranos ben kingsley 2006. The last legion is a fantasy actionadventure in the vein of the sword and the stone set against the fall of rome and its last emperor, 12 yearold romulus augustus, the boy who would rule for a day before losing all that he loved. Ferdinand kingsley photo ferdinand kingsley family.

Ferdinand kingsley to play god and jesus christ in york. Ferdinand kingsley was born in leamington spa, warwickshire, england, uk on th february, 1988. The last legion film connects roman emperor to arthurian. Still starcrossed is an american period drama television series created by heather mitchell and based on the book of the same name by melinda taub. New bluray the last legion colin firth, ben kingsley. Ferdinand kingsley biography, age, net worth, family. Kingsley s father, rahimtulla harji bhanji, was a kenyanborn physician of gujrati indian descent. The series is produced by shonda rhimess shondaland and abc studios, and aired on abc during the 201617. Swordfights, battles, and betrayal fuel the last legion, which tells the story of the last emperor of rome. A long, long march with the thirteenth legion of rome in the reign of caligulawho has arranged a mission impossible in order to dispose of the legion s commander, manlius varro. The last legion by doug lefler colin firth, ben kingsley.

He has incarnated a variety of personages, from gangsters like it was in sexy beast, to prophets and outstanding political and art figures like the composer shostakovich, russian revolutionary lenin, or imaginary demonbarber sweeney todd. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. He has won an oscar, bafta, golden globe and screen actors guild awards in his career. Protected by commander aurelius colin firth and guided to an extent by the wizard ambrosinus ben kingsley, romulus thomas sangster is an unlikely leader. The last emperor is imprisoned, along with his tutor who originally came from brittania. Ben kingsley was previously married to alexandra christmann 2003 2005, alison sutcliffe 1978 1992 and angela morant 1966 1972 ben kingsley has been in a relationship with daniela barbosa about. The roman empire, a mighty force for almost 500 years, is being threatened. He played young ambrosinus in the film the last legion in flashbacks to the younger days of the character ambrosinus, played by his father ben kingsley. Some survivors from the last legion try to rescue him, gaining new allies on the way. It is certainly not the best and far from the worst arthurianbased film.

His paternal grandfather, rahimtulla harji bhanji 19141968, was a kenyanborn medical doctor of gujarati indian descent. After the fall of rome, its last emperor thomas sangster, 12yearold romulus augustus, becomes a prisoner on the island of capri. Warwickshire, to knighted british actor ben kingsley and his theatrical director wife alison sutcliffe, ferdinand has a brother edmund and they both began appearing on stage in. The last legion 2007 stream and watch online moviefone. The last legion is a fantasy actionadventure in the vein of the sword and. It stars colin firth, ben kingsley, aishwarya rai, thomas brodiesangster. Ferdinand kingsley, the son of scarboroughborn stage and screen star ben kingsley, will play both roles in this summers york mystery plays. Ben kingsley s paternal family was from the indian state of gujarat, the same state mohandas k. The last legion film tiein by valerio massimo manfredi. In 476, the western roman empire is under attack by the barbarian armies under the heruli general odoacer. Most soldiers wore chain mail after the segmentata was dropped in the third century. Alexandra christmann ile bosand ingiltere spelsburyde yas. Aided by his teacher ambrosinus and legionnaire aurelius, he escapes from the island. Legion is a 1983 horror novel by american writer william peter blatty, a sequel to the exorcist.

He also appeared in the film the last legion playing his fathers character as a young man and on television in crime dramas ripper street and poirot. It was adapted into the film the exorcist iii in 1990. Coadapted by tom butterworth and jez butterworth from valerio massimo manfredis bestselling historical adventure novel, doug leflers period epic the last legion unfurls in 470 a. I cant tell you more of the plot because i couldn there arent many books that ill stop reading. Colin firth, ben kingsley, aishwarya rai bachchan, peter mullan, kevin mckidd, john hannah, iain glen, thomas brodiesangster, rupert friend, nonso anozie, doug lefler. Thomas sangster chats the last legion kingsley and colin firth in the last legion. Ben kingsley is a british film, stage and television actor.

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