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Determine if your product or software is covered by. Explore our resources to enhance thought leadership, gain insightful supply chain strategies, and more. The first step is knowing your items export control classification number eccn. Bis recommends for an effective export compliance program and the issues a. The ear is a set of regulations which are administered by the bureau of industry and security which is part of u.

Upon purchase, an email will be sent that provides a link to view the webinar recording, a copy of the presentation, and a certificate of completion. If you missed our new information packed webinar, click here to watch the recording for free. Export controls for software companies what you need to know. Presidents export control reform initiative11 table a1. Directorate of defense trade controls ddtc export of dual use commodities and technical data. Rays extensive career has focused on meeting regulatory requirements and achieving business objectives under the itar, ear, ofac, nafta, and atf. Export of defense articles, defense services, and technical data. Copyright this presentation and its contents are the confidential property of export solutions. The ecr initiative, which is not related to the presidents national export initiative, is designed to enhance u. Are you involved in the flow of goods, software, or technical data across borders. Aug 20, 2014 this law is being amended under export control reform important changes are being adopted throughout 2014 and many amendments have already become effective. For more information on how export control reform will affect you, contact gary stanley and request his prerecorded webinar titled export control reform.

This twoday program is led by biss professional counseling staff and provides an indepth examination of the export administration regulations ear. Global consulting management consulting for international. Our team of export professionals is prepared to help you assess the impact of export control reform on your business and advise you how to adjust your compliance policies and procedures to the new rules. Eden, ut prweb september 09, 20 customs info global data mining presenting a free webinar on export control reform. Global trade is changing at breakneck speed, with ongoing trade tensions between major players, the pressure to reform the. Customs info global data mining offers webinar on export. Export control reform initial implementation rule webinars. Baptie ondemand webinar inevitably social distancing and other measures that are so essential will ease.

On demand webinar export compliance training institute. Both delivery methods can qualify as an export under the ear. Seminar level i focuses on the principles of defense trade controls with practical examples, case studies, and small group discussions and provides attendees with unparalleled insight into the application of export controlstopics include stateddtc and the regulations, understanding itarcontrolled technical. Introduction to export controls webinar export control. A dependent classification occurs when the export control classification of a simulator and simulation software is dependent upon the export control. Tune into our archived webinars to hear from the u. Basics on european and german export controls awaseminare. Whether by electronic download or through the physical transfer via cdrom or flash drive, the release of software may require an export control license from the u. This webinar is designed to assist companies in how to comply with the export control reform initiative. The real export compliance challenges of simulation software. Understanding how these new rules and regulations impact your business is critical for any company to comply. Baptie webinar as social distancing begins to ease, learn how to reopen your channel marketing programs.

The ear and ccl have changed in major ways over the past several years. Access to view the webinar recording will be available for one year from the purchase. Please see our webinar calendar for a list of current and upcoming webinars. Mics export control management mic ecm software solution allows for central management of all company transactions under export control law and detailed checks of the business transactions with respect to the relevant regulations with a big focus on export compliance automation.

Posted in export control reform, export controls on september 28, 2015 the european commission the commission unveiled a proposal to modernize and strengthen the european unions eu dualuse export control regime pursuant to regulation ec no. With the rapid development of the technology sectors in many lowcost countries, more and more u. As a result, the administration launched the export control reform initiative ecr initiative, which will fundamentally reform the u. After six years since export control reform kicked.

The actual item commodity, technology or software that will be exported, where the export is going, who will be using the export and what the export will be used. Other reasons an export license may be required for your shipment relate to concerns about who your customer is and how the item will be used. In recent years, president obamas export control reform initiative or ecr has brought about significant changes to both the itar and the ear. Eccn entries are found on the commerce control list ccl and identify reasons for control which indicate licensing requirements to certain destinations. Export control reform ecr will not substantively change the foreign military sales fms process. These regulations are in place for the national security of the u. On august, 2018, the export control reform act ecra and the foreign.

Reclassification is the central theme since the initiative calls for 45% of the items on the united states munitions list to the commerce control list using the new 600 series export control classification numbers. Commercial service and industry trade experts about how your company can start or increase your international sales. On july 8, we held our third webinar in the basics of export compliance summer webinar series, which focused on export administration regulations ear. The united states also controls certain exports in adherence to several multilateral nonproliferation control regimes. Final rules, as well as the export administration regulations and international traffic in arms regulations, mustbe. Export control reform international compliance blog. The actual item commodity, technology or software that will be exported, where the export is going, who will be using the export and what the export will be used for. It also underscores the need for a strong partnership between export compliance, it, and security functions. Dualuse export controls webinar international compliance blog. Fire control, laser, imaging, and guidance purchase now upon purchase, an email will be sent that provides a link to view the webinar recording, a copy of the presentation, and a certificate of completion. Counseled aerospace software client regarding both u.

The following is a prerecorded webinar by williams mullen attorney thomas mcvey regarding itar for defense industry executives. Ecs export compliance consulting practice offers a complete range of itar, ear, and ofac consulting and licensing services. The program will cover the information exporters need to know to comply with u. Export control reform webinar braumiller law group. Outreach, education and training international trade u. Learn about the commerce control list, export control reform, and the new 600 series, as well as existing compliance activities.

Learn about the commerce control list, export control reform, and the new 600 series, as well as. All you want and need to know about export control reform. This presentation is merely a summary of official statements and final rules published by the departments of commerce and state. Access creating effective export compliance program webinar webex. Stepbystep guidance for properly classifying products, software and. Are all of your commodities, software, and technology properly classified.

This law is being amended under export control reform important. As the digital world continues to advance faster than export control regulations, this brings both industry and the regulators into uncharted territory. Gain an understanding of the export administration regulations, export control classification numbers, and how to file commercecontrolled exports in the automated export system. Foreign trade association export control reform webinar. The program provides an overview of the key principles of itar and export controls as well as an update on the recent export control reform. Proper classification for export is the foundation to any export compliance program. The export of hardware, software and technology knowhow as well as technical services are subject to various licensing obligations and prohibitions.

Category usml category and rule ccl 600 series entries and rule. Mar 16, 2016 designed for both novices and experienced exporters needing a refresher or update on ear requirements, as well as an overview of the recent changes resulting from the export control reform initiative, this webinar details the essential requirements that companies need to know in order to master the ear. Export control reform changes can be a real benefit to your companys. Advanced ace export reports webinar recording webex. Export controls and sanctions for the supply chain. Export controls and open source software new america. Export control reform historical background, implementation schedule, summary of the new rules what military aircraft and related parts and components will remain on the usml and which move to the new 600 series of eccns. More than 25 years of experience representing a wide range of u. Sep 01, 2016 export controls for software companies what you need to know many u. Ifirearms iiguns iiiammunition ivmissiles proposed rule 318 public comments. While the cryptowars as we understood them then may be over, the threat that export controls represent to the development and exchange of free and open source software continues to be a very real concern. If youre struggling to keep up with all the changes, this is the webinar for you. Learn about the commerce control list, export control reform, and the new.

This will without doubt be one of the biggest worries among many when it comes to subjecting surveillance systems to export control. Many of the critical compliance processes rely on classification information such as. Our program will provide government contracts executives an update on. What we can learn from enforcement actions for export control violations. Its been a busy year for export control regulations. Export control system and the export control reform initiative congressional research service summary difficulty with striking an appropriate balance between national security and export competitiveness has made the subject of export controls controversial for decades.

Items include commercial products, software and technology that may pose a danger to. Oct 15, 20 additional control list changes will be implemented throughout the remainder of 20 and 2014, as the united states adopts a new export control system designed to address the current and anticipated national security and foreign policy challenges of the 21 st century. With these recordings, you can get valuable information on countries and industries of interest. Export compliance seminars free 90min webinar on itar, ear. Export control reform is the ongoing process of rewriting the international traffic in arms regulations and the export administration regulations to better define what articles and technologies are controlled, and to move many articles, especially at the part and component level, from the itar to the ear. The bureau of industry and securitys biss initial implementation rule inserts a new 734. This webinar provides an introduction to us and eu dualuse i. Export control system and the export control reform.

Department of commerces bureau of industry and security bis under the export administration regulations the ear. We will highlight and explain the key areas of the ccl and the export administration regulations ear that play a decisive role in determining the eccn for your technology and software. Commodity classification services experts in trade compliance. Access to view the webinar recording will be available for one year from the purchase date.

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